CCH can initiate dialogue on culturally sensitive health issues through the following methods:

Dialectical discussion


Health problems of each community can differ drastically. African American men suffer from a high rate of prostate cancer, while the Hmong are frequent victims of kidney ailments. CCH presents statistics to bring awareness to community leaders and then diplomatically encourages them to participate in sharing of information and brain storming for solutions. Such meetings, when successful, can be rich sources of research data and powerful windows into the culture's concepts of health and disease.

Lectures through Interpreters

Live translated lectures take more time, but they can be indispensable to the new immigrant who in turn takes the information to others within the invisible cocoons of their communities. Such lectures aid both the uneducated and the professional, educated immigrants. The latter group learns how to communicate health issues to the less educated members of their communities.

Poster presentations

We use a culture's own images, symbols, favorite colors, proverbs, music, poems and other native art to present otherwise strange-sounding ideas.

For instance, the concept of disease prevention-something alien to some Third World subcultures-can be explained through stories presented by a live person or on recorded tape.